Welcome to Cleveland Sports Economics!

As an economics professor living in Northeast Ohio, this site represents my online notebook as I apply the tools of my profession to examine the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers. I have found that my day-to-day queries as a sports fan are typically Cleveland-specific and lend themselves to economic research. For a number of years, I’ve contemplated forming this site as a blank, public canvas upon which I can explore these questions. I’ve finally taken the plunge and I hope that this can be a place where I can contribute to a critical and rational analysis of Cleveland sports.

Posts on this site will consist of my own original research or a summary of how existing academic research may apply to a situation involving the Browns, Indians or Cavaliers. This kind of analysis will often take time. As a result, posts will be intermittent based on the demands of the project and my general time availability; in other words, I have a day job. As a result, I will announce new posts through the site’s Twitter handle, @clesportsecon.

In terms of contacting me, I welcome your critiques, compliments and topic suggestions at clevelandsportsecon@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting this site. I look forward to the conversation. Welcome!